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Bill's Graduation

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It was tough going at times.

Freda stopped for a drink of expensive water.

Deb took a rest...

...and so did Katrina. (Hmmmm...Both mother and daughter wore pink jackets around their waists. I wonder what this means.)

Tom and Katrina looked after Oliver, Jim's dog. ("Oliver is kind of a sissy name for a beagle, isn't it?" I asked Jim. "Well," he said, "it's appropriate. He's kind of a sissy hunter.")

Steve and Jim consult Steve's GPS. (They weren't lost; they're gadget freaks.)

(Anybody know what these are? Someone said morels; someone else said "Nah.")

When the rest of us finally reached the top of the first bench, Walter was already there, waiting. Not bad for a 73-year-old!

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