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Bill's Graduation

May 14-15, 2005

Pine Creek and State College, Pa.

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(If I've misspelled your name or committed any factual errors, please email me. And if your picture isn't included, forgive me. -- Terry)

This was the climax of our weekend, with Penn State grad William R. Dunkle modeling his cap and gown. That's Mount Nittany in the background.

And here's where the weekend began, at the McCanna house on Pine Creek.

Walter takes on fuel for the Short Mountain Climb.

The expeditionary force: Bill, John, Steve, Tom, Walter, Freda, Katrina, and Deb.

Miraculously, a red arrow appeared in the sky, pointing to our destination.

We ignored signs like this...

...because Jim Potter, our guide, was well armed. (Actually, this is a flintlock rifle he made. The only weapon he carried on our trek was his walking stick.)

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