D2 -- Photo contributed by Don Dunkle


Walter (left) and Don holding three pointer pups.

I'm having trouble orienting myself.  Which way is the house?  Why is the cornfield right up against the far end of the pens?

That shovel hanging to Walter's right -- I remember that!  Granddad used it to pitch the dog turds out of the pens every evening.  I can still remember the chuff!...shring!...chuff!...shring! as he scooped them out of the gravel and slung them over the creek bank, where a grateful mulberry tree showered the bank with its purple-black fruit.

I also notice that Granddad has fastened an oven rack to the lattice on the far left -- for what purpose I can't tell.  One of the things that always amused me was his reuse of castaway objects from inside the house to make repairs on the outside.  Once, when I was up on the outkitchen roof helping him paint the second-story siding, I discovered a gutter hanger that was actually a leather belt, complete with brass buckle.

-- Terry

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