A4 -- Photo contributed by Don Dunkle

This cherry gun rack graced the parlor of Granddad and Grandma's house for many years.  Uncle Don thinks it was commissioned by Granddad's grandfather, which would date it around 1875.  I don't know whether the antlers are Great-Granddad's trophies or someone else's.  Can anyone fill me in?

Unless I'm mistaken, some tenants who were living in Granddad's house years after he died absconded with this unusual artifact, but somehow uncles Don and Walter retrieved it.  (Guys, can you provide details?  We won't identify the perps.)

Here, the piece stands in Uncle Don's wood shop, showing off his restoration work.  Don had to remake the bottom part (a pair of umbrella stands) from memory.  Granddad (or someone) had removed the bottom, possibly so the gun rack could be mounted on the wall behind the parlor desk.

-- Terry


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